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Do you plan to recruit?

Do you plan to recruit or do you wing it when the need arises? Does the thought of recruiting for someone new fill you with dread? I read some advice recently, aimed at startup businesses, that suggested they should put more effort into early recruitment than anything else in their business.  That got me wondering […]

Do you give good phone interviews?

So, when it comes to good phone interviews, do you know what that should be like? In fact, do you phone interview at all? Many people go straight to first interview stage once they’ve found a candidate they like the look of.  Nothing wrong with that.  Except that everything could go wrong! The candidate may […]

Notice periods – is there any point?

I often hear people complaining about someone having to work a notice period.  They wonder why the employer is being difficult or intransigent about making them work when really, the employee just wants to get gone. Surely they should just be allowed to go? Then there’s the view that the employee won’t do any work […]

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