About You

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

  • You’re a director or business owner with staff;
  • You’re worrying about doing things right; feeling tied to your business and to the people. Once a business gets to a certain size, it can feel more like a millstone. Is the business you’ve got right now the business you really want?
  • You need help to deal with the things that are frustrating you – the day to day people management stuff that inevitably comes to your door. Are your Managers managing or do they come to you for advice and guidance? Worse still, are they often heard saying “I’ll check with the boss”? It’s no wonder people bypass them and come straight to you. But what does that mean for your ability to work on the business rather than in it?
  • You’re running a family business. Now, doesn’t that bring a whole new dynamic?! Not only do you have a business to run, you also have the weight of one or more generations of family members looking over your shoulder. To add to the fun, you also have to think about every decision in the context of preserving the family business for future generations. I think it’s a bit like owning a National Trust property. It’s not really “yours”; you’re simply a custodian and doing your bit to preserve it for the future. That’s a huge responsibility.
  • You may have explored business coaching in the past but not found the “right” answers. Most business coaches will be able to advise you on what you need to do with your business and your staff. But they won’t be able to tell you how to achieve your plans and they certainly won’t get hands on in making it happen.

How we can help you

We will work with you and your management team to become better people managers and in the process, to feel more confident, more supported, and more secure.

We love working with directors and business owners just like you who:

  • care about their staff and want to look after them in the right way;
  • get frustrated because of a lack of confidence in what they can and can’t do; what they can and can’t say;
  • feel stuck with what they’ve inherited or situations they’ve allowed to happen over the years.

What you get

As HR consultants with diverse experience, we can operate on a number of levels, adopting a strategic viewpoint while taking a hands on approach to getting the job done.

We are only consultants because of the way we get paid. In every other sense, we will be a member of your team who’s truly got your back.


Trusted Advisor

I have worked with Katherine for the last two years. She has acted on matters that I was unable to, and I am confident that she provides astute knowledge and a practical approach to all

Wendy Davidson
Butcher Andrews

Motivational maps were a real eye opener

We have used keeping HR Simple for the past 3 years after they were recommended to us. The team are approachable and reliable. They always go the extra mile in finding the solution you need, offering their services above and beyond your initial query to ensure the best customer service they can offer, delivering the best possible results. The team can always demonstrate their knowledge from past experience. Jason and Kathryn have genuine care for their clients and passion for not only HR, but the wellbeing of the business too.

Rebecca Allbones - Studio Manager
Studio 11 Architecture

Incredibly easy and painless process…

Thank you so much for revolutionising our HR systems. Until I met you I thought the HR was something that massive PLCs had to worry about so was deeply concerned when I realised that we had to take it far more seriously! You made the whole process incredibly easy and painless for me though and we now have systems in place for every possible scenario. The communication between me and my team is also vastly better as a result. The contracts and handbook are superb and cost far less than

Ed Williams, Director & Solo Channel Swimmer
Elite Swimming Academy