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Agency Workers

If you’re using agency workers in your business, there are some key changes the government are introducing as part of the Good Work Plan.

From April 2020 the employing company will be required to provide agency workers with a document which will be known as a key facts page.  This document must be provided BEFORE agreeing contractual terms.

It’s important to note that this only applies to new agency workers, so no retrospective action is required.

The document needs to include certain details:

  • The type of contract they are employed under;
  • the minimum rate of pay they will receive;
  • details of any fees that might be taken.

The idea is to help agency workers understand their terms, which can be difficult where umbrella or holding companies are involved.

There is a template document on the government website Annex A: example ‘Key information document’ for PAYE agency workers.

After 12 weeks of service, an agency worker is entitled to receive the same level of pay as a permanent worker, The agency worker opt out of this right (to instead elect to receive a guaranteed level of pay between their temporary assignments often referred to as “the Swedish derogation”) will be removed from April 2020.

The Simple Take is: ensure you are complying with the provisions of the Good Work Plan for any agency workers you engage.

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