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Candidate Experience – Pre-interview

As we discussed in the last post, the application process can turn applicants off so make sure it is engaging and not too complicated.  Today we will talk a bit about pre-interview and how to make this an engaging part of the process for the candidate. Pre-interview Consider the information you include when inviting candidates […]

Candidate Experience – Application Process

Last time we talked about the research a candidate might do before applying for a position with your company, today we will run through the application process. Application process This is the step that can be most frustrating and can cause many candidates to lost interest. You should consider how much information you need from […]

Candidate Experience – Research

For you as an employer the decision to recruit is a big one.  There are so many challenges to consider, cost, time to recruit and train and concerns over finding the right person for your business. As an employer do you ever think about the candidate experience? If not, you are missing a trick in […]

Secret Santa – love it or loathe it?

In offices and workplaces across the UK employees are thinking about Secret Santa gifts. It can be a great way to spread a little Christmas cheer and doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be a source of conflict. Picture the scene, you have organised a Secret Santa, followed all of our advice below […]

Christmas Party Secrets

Love them or loathe them, works Christmas parties are as much a part of our business life as emails, technology and #cakefriday. In recent years, we have seen a number of businesses opt for a Christmas lunch or a hamper type gift which are very neat ways of avoiding the whole party issue. If you […]

Holiday Accrual During Maternity Leave

So, your employee went off on maternity leave and since then they have accrued their holiday entitlement throughout their maternity leave but haven’t taken any holiday by the time they return.   What happens to the accrued holiday? Here is a worked example: Your employee (who works full time) had a maternity leave date of […]

Menopause at Work

A subject that recently hit the headlines when the BBC Breakfast launched their menopause campaign, many will simply have no idea how dealing with the menopause at work can affect women. With symptoms of the menopause ranging from difficulty sleeping to headaches and hot flushes, it is no wonder that some women struggle at work. […]

Mental Health and Absenteeism

Looking out for your team members should be an absolute priority. When so many small business owners, team leaders and department heads are now receiving statements of fitness to work stating ‘stress at work’ or ‘personal stress’, this leaves them at a complete loss in terms of what they can or can’t say and do. […]

The Shocking Truth about Mental Health

A recently published report written by The Mental Health Foundation found that In 2013 there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety disorder! 1 in 6 people over the age of 16 had a common mental health problem in the week prior to being interviewed for the report. 4% of adults believe they have had a […]