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The Scoop on Shared Parental Leave

Since April 2015 it has been possible for new parents to share up to 50 weeks of leave following the birth of a child, which sounds great, doesn’t it? Think of the advantages; a more flexible approach to parenting in those first months and taking time off together or separately to care for a new […]

When is it right to suspend an employee?

When considering suspension, it is important not to make any “knee jerk” reactions and demonstrate that the act of suspension and all alternatives to the suspension were given full and due consideration. Should you be in a position where you are thinking about suspending someone, clearly, an act of misconduct or an alleged grievance has […]

What exactly is parental leave?

Maybe not exactly what you think as it turns out….. Here’s the skinny on parental leave Entitlement 18 weeks’ unpaid leave for an employee who has parental responsibility for a child up to the child’s 18th birthday (this entitlement is per child). This leave can be taken at a rate for up to 4 weeks […]

I’ll have a B please Bob (Brexit that is!)

With the 29th March fast approaching, we haven’t talked too much about Brexit and what that means in terms of employment law.  That’s mostly because there are still many, many unanswered questions. What we do know is that EU nationals who do not have indefinite leave to remain but have been resident in the UK […]

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen!

Our obsession (yes, we know we’re obsessed) with note taking and documentation started within the first couple of weeks of starting Keeping HR Simple. Working with a brand-new client who had dismissed an employee for gross misconduct some months previously, they wanted to talk through the process they had followed leading up to and including […]

Your obligations for those driving for work

The horrific case of a bus driver in the West Midlands who crashed into a supermarket killing two people brings sharply into focus your obligations as an employer around employees driving for work. Here are our top tips for organisations who have employees driving as all or part of their job Implement a vehicle driving […]

Banter or Bullying?

          Last week was Anti-Bullying Week.  At Keeping HR Simple, we have been avidly discussing banter or bullying; what constitutes bullying in the workplace, what the consequences of workplace bullying are and what companies can do to combat bullying and harassment. Defining Bullying Bullying isn’t defined in law because it is […]