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New Holiday Pay Rules

The Government have been working on what is called “The Good Work Plan” for some time and included in this is some new guidance around holiday pay calculations, the guidance has been furthermore confirmed by some recent tribunal outcomes and although this is guidance not law yet we strongly recommend that businesses follow the guidance […]

What Exactly is a Recruitment Strategy

When it comes to recruiting.. We only recruit to replace someone or when the business is growing.  If that sounds like you, don’t worry; most businesses do exactly the same. Just imagine Imagine how it would be though if you had a steady trickle of CV’s coming through so when you are ready to recruit […]

Be aware of your Unconcious Bias

Fight or flight, friend or foe? A snap decision we make in new situations or when meeting new people. It’s completely natural, it takes us about 3-7 seconds and we do it to protect ourselves. Our natural survival instinct will save us if we are being chased by bears but thankfully that doesn’t happen too […]

Protected Characteristics

It’s often said that ending the contract of an employee with less than two years’ service is a risk free dismissal. Even some HR service providers play down the risk and give advice about letting someone go following a less than ideal process or at times, no process at all. But is it true?  Can […]


So, it’s Pride Month! There will be Pride marches, parades and celebrations throughout June all over the country.  While these events are great fun, there is a more serious message that must be taken on board by us as individuals and just as important, as employers! LGBTQ – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning Pride Month […]

When personal internet usage becomes a problem

Almost every employed person will have checked their personal email, placed a quick order for something or checked Facebook during their working day.  Most employers won’t have any major problem with this occasional personal internet activity. But what if it becomes more than occasional?  What if it starts affecting the work or productivity of a […]

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