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Employment law changes 2014 – what’s in store from April?

In the first of two articles looking at employment law changes taking effect in April 2014, we focus on legislation affecting pre-Tribunal claim situations and post-Tribunal hearings when an employer has lost a claim. These changes are particularly relevant to employers who are currently dealing with contentious situations which could lead to a break down […]

Cookie crumbs in my fake ‘tache

So, you may be wondering why I’m sporting a rather fetching yet fake moustache in this picture and why in fact I’m also clutching rather possessively to a tin of finest homemade cookies. Allow me to explain. The lovely ladies at Purple Haze VA have decided to run a Movember competition and as all the […]

Why audio recording interviews and typing them up is a very good idea

Today’s guest blog comes from Ashley Price of APA Secretarial. Ashley has been running the business since 1996. He works with his wife, Jackie, and together they provide audio transcription services to companies and university researchers. Outside of work, Ashley is a Town Councillor for Lewes, in Sussex, and the Council’s “Anti-Domestic Abuse Champion”. Ashley […]

Who really “owns” contacts and accounts on social media?

A recent High Court ruling over ownership of LinkedIn groups has called into question of the ownership of social media accounts, contacts and data when those accounts are used for business purposes. The Court decided to issue an injunction against three former employees of a company, requiring them to give “exclusive access, management and control” […]

What is Real Time Information (RTI)?

One of the most frequently asked questions recently is what is RTI and what does it mean to the average employer?  This guest post explains more. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— What is RTI? Pay as you earn tax has been an obligatory part of an employer’s responsibility towards state revenues since 1944, when all previous tax rules were […]