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HR FAQ – what’s the difference between positive action and positive discrimination?

You may have heard the terms “positive action” and “positive discrimination” used in relation to recruitment.  Do you know what they mean and which method you CAN use without getting into trouble? In April 2011, a change brought about by the Equality Act can have an effect on the way you recruit new staff.   The […]

When your face doesn’t fit

If you’ve been for an interview recently and had post-interview feedback, consider yourself lucky.  It’s not right and it’s certainly not fair but it’s the way it is these days.  Fewer and fewer companies take the time and effort to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates. Quite often, the feedback is usually to do with your […]

How do you use yours?

Company policies that is! a)      As a legal “tick in the box” b)      As a big stick to beat people with when they do something wrong c)       To give new staff something to read and keep them busy on their first day d)      To decorate the shelf in a dusty folder called “staff handbook” e)      […]

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