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HR FAQ – can I ask questions about health during recruitment?

Since the implementation of the Equality Act in October 2010, it is illegal to ask questions about an applicant’s health prior to a post being offered.   This means that application forms, pre-employment health questionnaires and interview question sets are all affected and should be checked to ensure that they comply with the Equality Act. Here […]

You’re Fired!

If you discovered that an employee had sent an offensive email to another employee, what would you do?  Would it make a difference if it was sent from his or her home computer? Just this morning I read about a case* where the employee did exactly that.  He sent an email containing racist and sexist […]

HR FAQ – what’s the difference between positive action and positive discrimination?

You may have heard the terms “positive action” and “positive discrimination” used in relation to recruitment.  Do you know what they mean and which method you CAN use without getting into trouble? In April 2011, a change brought about by the Equality Act can have an effect on the way you recruit new staff.   The […]