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What is the point of the Good Work Plan

What is the point of the Good Work plan? The Government’s Good Work Plan is due to take effect in April 2020 which will implement a number of employment reforms. Since the publication of the Good Work Plan, there have been further regulations introduced which relate to it, i.e. the Agency Workers (Amendment) Regulations 2019, […]

Agency Workers

If you’re using agency workers in your business, there are some key changes the government are introducing as part of the Good Work Plan. From April 2020 the employing company will be required to provide agency workers with a document which will be known as a key facts page.  This document must be provided BEFORE […]

Get Staff Benefits Right

SMEs often find it difficult to compete with larger businesses on salary so standing out from the crowd is absolutely crucial if you want to attract the very best people in your industry. What we do know from lots of research is that money isn’t everything!  Yes, you read that right, money isn’t everything. What […]

Discover what Motivates your Team

Engaging your team, making sure they are with you and that they understand and buy into the vision for your business can be challenging but it’s by no means impossible.  It doesn’t take someone with a special gift or talent (although that helps). All you really need to do is understand what motivates your people […]

Handling Short Term Persistent Absence

It’s just the odd day here and there. You didn’t even notice until a colleague pointed it out to you. Now you have noticed it though – you’re fully aware that you have a team member who is persistently off work with short term illnesses like colds and tummy bugs. No longer than one or […]