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Mental Health and Absenteeism

Looking out for your team members should be an absolute priority. When so many small business owners, team leaders and department heads are now receiving statements of fitness to work stating ‘stress at work’ or ‘personal stress’, this leaves them at a complete loss in terms of what they can or can’t say and do. […]

The Shocking Truth about Mental Health

A recently published report written by The Mental Health Foundation found that In 2013 there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety disorder! 1 in 6 people over the age of 16 had a common mental health problem in the week prior to being interviewed for the report. 4% of adults believe they have had a […]

I’m not getting the best from that person and they’re really not performing. I’ll make the role redundant then.

Redundancy is without doubt one of the most difficult situations to deal with as a business owner.  For a small or medium sized business where you have relationships with your employees, the idea of having to lose one or more can be heartbreaking. Having said that, it can be tempting to look at redundancy as […]

Protected Characteristics

It’s often said that ending the contract of an employee with less than two years’ service is a risk free dismissal. Even some HR service providers play down the risk and give advice about letting someone go following a less than ideal process or at times, no process at all. But is it true?  Can […]

Question of the Month – September

What does the phrase “young and dynamic” mean to you? If you hear it or see it and think that’s it just means someone with a bit of get up and go about them, I’d generally agree in most circumstances.   However, with a HR and recruitment hat on, I see the phrase as something […]

Always start with Why?

One of the shortest words in the English language but have you ever considered how significant this word is? Toddlers use it all the time, a thirst for knowledge is represented by the word why. During our school life why is a way to elicit our understanding of a subject, a sentence or a calculation. […]