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Candidate Experience – Research

For you as an employer the decision to recruit is a big one.  There are so many challenges to consider, cost, time to recruit and train and concerns over finding the right person for your business.

As an employer do you ever think about the candidate experience? If not, you are missing a trick in dealing simply with some of the concerns you will have when making the decision to recruit.  A stress free, uncomplicated recruitment campaign is without doubt the ideal introduction for any candidate to your company.

Remember, the candidate is also interviewing your business to make sure it is the right place for them!

So, in practical terms what can you do? Over the next few blogs we will look we will look at 5 steps in the process giving you some simple hints and tips to make the process easier for you and the candidates.


At this stage, the applicant may be passive, i.e. not even considering a new job or they may be actively researching your company prior to submitting an application. Either way, the content you provide both on your website and in your job advert can help them form a negative or positive impression and ultimately help them make the decision to apply or not.

Websites can be an excellent source of information but are obviously aimed at your prospects and customers and not always geared for potential candidates.  That is why we suggest to our clients that they use social media both for promoting your business to customers but as a bi-product to promote to potential candidates. Social media can certainly help you portray the more relaxed sense of what it is like to work in your business so make sure you post about any fundraising, nights out, awards received or Friday treats.  This helps an applicant answer the question “is it for me?”

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