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Candidate Experience – Application Process

Last time we talked about the research a candidate might do before applying for a position with your company, today we will run through the application process.

Application process

This is the step that can be most frustrating and can cause many candidates to lost interest. You should consider how much information you need from a candidate and when. If it is likely an applicant will apply for multiple jobs, consider abandoning the registration process which many businesses use.

Many businesses will ask candidates for their CV and then ask them to complete an application form with much of the same information included on a CV.  It’s time to ask yourself “what is it we really need to know pre-interview?”

Here’s our pre-interview “need to know” checklist:

  • Contact information and location;
  • Previous employment history (including dates employed and duties);
  • Education history (including any qualifications);
  • Experience (relating to the position you are recruiting for).

You will undoubtedly use the interview to delve into employment and education history and the experience the candidate has relating to the position you are looking to fill so why insist they complete a job application form?

If there is a reason to ask a candidate to complete an application form, keep it as simple as possible and explain the reason for an application form – this can be a real frustration for candidates!

If you’re using an application form in your business, you could inadvertently be asking discriminatory questions – let us check your application form for you and highlight any potential concerns.

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