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Candidate Experience – Pre-interview

As we discussed in the last post, the application process can turn applicants off so make sure it is engaging and not too complicated.  Today we will talk a bit about pre-interview and how to make this an engaging part of the process for the candidate.


Consider the information you include when inviting candidates to meet you.  A great example is EasyWeb who include their website, social media details and glass door reviews as well as the highlights of their employee engagement survey. This demonstrates a commitment to transparency and their level of engagement with their employees as well as helping the candidate understand what it is like to work there.

In this period, it is good to maintain communication especially if you are arranging interviews for weeks ahead.  An email to confirm their attendance a couple of days before can also help to let the candidate know that you are looking forward to meeting them.  This is also a good opportunity for someone who is unsure about their application to ask themselves, is this really what I want?  It’s also a better time to receive an interview cancellation rather than a simple no-show on the day.

tory questions – let us check your application form for you and highlight any potential concerns.

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