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Candidate Experience – Post-interview

Probably one of the most important steps for a candidate in the recruitment process is post interview, here we will talk a little about how you can help make the process less stressful even if you are giving bad news.

Post interview

This is the stage where you as an employer can make the biggest impact on a candidate experience. Candidates can be lost at this stage due to a long, drawn-out decision-making process and whilst making a decision on the day of the interview may not be easy, it isn’t impossible, and we encourage our clients to do so when they can.  This is also a huge reason for making sure you prepare properly for interviews and ask the right questions.  That can really help you to make decisions in a much shorter timeframe rather than having umpteen interview stages with umpteen different people.

For the candidate even if the news isn’t good, most people agree that prompt feedback is better than waiting weeks or months for a decision or not getting any feedback at all.

If you need some help with giving interview feedback, read our blog giving feedback.

If there is a reason to ask a candidate to complete an application form, keep it as simple as possible and explain the reason for an application form – this can be a real frustration for candidates!

If you’re using an application form in your business, you could inadvertently be asking discriminatory questions – let us check your application form for you and highlight any potential concerns.

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