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Candidate Experience – Onboarding

The most nerve-racking part of starting a new job is the first day, so here are some ways for you to make this as enjoyable as possible for your new starter.


This part of the process includes that awful time between interview and starting in a new job. Just prior to interview there is regular contact but after the candidate is successful and has accepted the offer, they may feel isolated and forgotten. The last thing we want at this stage is for them to reconsider their decision to accept.

This is a perfect time to let them know where they will be working, who is in their team and practical tips like where to park or where to get lunch. All of these tips will help reduce first day nerves and hopefully your new employee will slot in to the team relatively easily. You could at this stage ask for your new starter forms to be completed and returned and remind your new starter what they need to bring on their first day.

A welcome pack can be a fun way to get a someone started and embedded into the culture of your business and needn’t be expensive.  Though this is a tool to help new candidates settle in, a byproduct in the age of social media is that most employees will share a picture online which can only reflect your company in a positive light!

Make sure there is someone to greet your new starter on their first day, show them around and introduce them to the rest of the team – this is so important for a new starter who will be in completely new surroundings.  Don’t leave them filling in forms at a desk by themselves on their first day, have them sit with team members, getting to know them and the work they do.

All these steps are designed to make the candidate experience less stressful and the recruitment process more positive.  You’re not alone with all this though – we can run your recruitment campaign for you, making it even more stress-free and enjoyable!

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