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Candidate Hints and Tips

Top tips for interview candidates
Before the interview


• Find out about the Company – history, background, industry, customers, competitors
• Make sure you fully understand the job role – contact them to ask if you don’t!
• Know where you need to be and when
• Know who you’re asking for
• Be prepared for the format of the interview and if they haven’t told you, ask!

What not to do

• Chew gum
• Show excessive nerves
• Don’t sit down before you’re invited to
• Don’t leave your phone on
• Ask about the money
• Talk negatively about a previous employer
• An interview is a two way street

You are not the only one on interview

Things to find out

• What the people are like
• What the culture is like
• What would be expected of you
• If it’s the right job for you

Ask questions such as

• What is a typical day like?
• What training is on offer for this type of role?
• What career opportunities might be available?
• When do you need someone to start?
• What’s the biggest challenge in this role?
• What do you like about working here? (to the interviewer)

Questions you might be asked

• Tell me about yourself
• What do you know about the Company?
• Tell me about your career to date
• Tell me about a time when…
• Give me an example of a time when..
• What would you do if…
• What are your strengths
• What are your weaknesses
• What do you want this job?
• What are you the best person for the job?

So if you know what you might be asked, you can also prepare your answers

Possible interview formats

• Phone
• Online/skype/Zoom
• One interviewer
• Panel interview (two or more people)
• Practical test or assessment
• Psychometric tests

Key points to remember

• You are always on interview!
• The interviewer only wants to get the best from you
• They may be more nervous than you are
• No such thing as failure, only feedback

After the interview

• Always follow up
• Thank the interviewer for their time
• Ask for feedback if not successful
• Take what you can from the experience
• They will remember a polite and professional candidate for future roles!