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What exactly is parental leave?

Maybe not exactly what you think as it turns out….. Here’s the skinny on parental leave Entitlement 18 weeks’ unpaid leave for an employee who has parental responsibility for a child up to the child’s 18th birthday (this entitlement is per child). This leave can be taken at a rate for up to 4 weeks […]


Interviewing a candidate can often be as terrifying for you as it is for the candidate, especially if it is something you are not used doing or you haven’t done much of. The two top tips we always talk to clients about are preparation and listening. Preparation Read and make notes on CVs. Identify the […]

Candidate experience

For you as an employer the decision to recruit is a big one.  There are so many challenges to consider – cost, time to recruit and train and concerns over finding the right person for your business. As an employer do you ever think about the candidate experience? If not, you are missing a trick […]

When it comes to recruiting…

“We only recruit to replace someone or when the business is growing”.  If that sounds like you, don’t worry; most businesses do exactly the same. Just imagine Imagine how it would be though if you had a steady trickle of CV’s coming through so when you are ready to recruit a new member of staff […]

I have paid £5250 for some training for an employee who is now leaving, can I get that money back?

Before offering training that you intend to pay for to any employee we would always recommend that you ensure that you have a clause in your contract of employment which refers to making deductions from pay. Additionally, we also recommend a training fees agreement for each separate course or paid-for training session that you then […]

Where does training start?

At the beginning! – The first experience of training and development will take place at induction time.  It is said that an employee will have made their mind up about a job within the first day. So, it is crucial to have a great induction plan in place to set the scene from day one. […]