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Cookie crumbs in my fake ‘tache

Keeping HR Simple and Purple Haze

So, you may be wondering why I’m sporting a rather fetching yet fake moustache in this picture and why in fact I’m also clutching rather possessively to a tin of finest homemade cookies.

Allow me to explain.

The lovely ladies at Purple Haze VA have decided to run a Movember competition and as all the best competitions have prizes, I was asked to donate a tin of my homemade cookies which now appear to be legendary in Cambridge and beyond!

If you don’t know what Movember is, it’s a way of fundraising for men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancers.  It’s a sponsored sprouting of moustaches if you will.  The ladies at Purple Haze decided not to let a mere matter of lack of testosterone stand in the way of doing something for a great cause and so the competition was born!

Personally, this is a cause that’s very close to my heart as my Dad is currently suffering with prostate cancer and I know a number of other men who’ve also had cause to be thankful for the kind of fundraising that not only raises money but also raises awareness.

I’d ask anyone who’s already doing Movember to get involved and send in their ‘tache pics and if you’re not doing it, why not don a fake moustache (the faker the better!) and get involved!

Keeping HR Simple cookies

Just a note on the cookies – the winner can choose their preferred flavour (normally apple/cinnamon, choc chip/orange or white choc/cranberry) but I’m open to suggestions!  Just not banana flavoured – I have to draw the line somewhere!  Also, I can make them with gluten free flour if that’s specifically requested.  Finally, although it would be great if the winner can pick them up in person, I’m sure I can figure out a way of posting them if that’s required so don’t let your distance from Cambridge put you off entering!

Thanks folks – any support is really appreciated.


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