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Coronavirus HR Frequently Asked Questions – webinar

Coronavirus HR FAQs






We have been living with coronavirus now for what seems like years and it’s clear that we now have many Coronavirus HR FAQs coming up again and again. It’s easy to think that we all know everything there is to know and we all understand what to do in the various different scenarios that present themselves.

Our FAQs list grows longer every day. It’s clear to see that no one knows everything and certain questions just keep coming up.

My employee tested positive. Do I need them to test again before they come back to work?
My employee is refusing to wear a mask at work. Can I make him wear one?
One lady is insisting that I put her on furlough. Do I have to?

And so on. Coronavirus presents us with all sorts of different scenarios that we’d never previously considered and so, we can get a bit lost when it comes to knowing what to do.

Join us on 18th February at 10am in our free Coronavirus HR – Frequently Asked Questions webinar when we’ll be highlighting the top questions we are asked most often. We’ll take you through each scenario, giving you clear and concise answers to those burning questions.

Got questions? Now is your chance to contribute! If there’s a question you’d like to have answered during the webinar, send us an email once you’ve registered and we’ll make sure your question is on the list.

No one can possibly have all the answers and that’s why we’re sharing our Coronavirus HR FAQs – to educate first of all and to help you to feel less alone!

As always, the webinar will be recorded so if you cannot attend the live session on 18th February at 10am, register your details to receive the recording and a copy of the slide deck.


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  1. Sound and practical advice with great scenario questions and a lovely touch of humour! Many thanks, really enjoyed this as you were to the point with a well-prepared presentation and thanks for answering my questions.

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