Safely Deducting Training Fees

Q. I have paid £5250 for some training for an employee who is now leaving, can I get that money back?

If you pay for training, you may be interested in safely deducting training fees from employees who leave your business.

Before offering training that you intend to pay for to any employee we would always recommend that you ensure that you have a clause in your contract of employment which refers to making deductions from pay. Additionally, we also recommend a training fees agreement for each separate course or paid-for training session that you ask members of staff to sign in advance. Asking people to sign a training fees agreement when the training has already started simply won’t fly!

Safely deducting training fees

A training fees agreement should always include a sliding scale of pay back depending on the number of months your employee remains with you after the training course.

It can be done for up to two years, i.e. if the employee leaves at any point within that 24 month period, they will have an amount relating to training costs to repay to you.

Providing a member of staff receiving paid for training has signed a training fees agreement and has a deductions clause in their contract, you are entitled to make the appropriate deduction from their final salary.

We’d always recommend introducing training fees agreements and making them a normal part of your business so your team know what the expectations are when it comes to paying for training.

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