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Discover what Motivates your Team

Engaging your team, making sure they are with you and that they understand and buy into the vision for your business can be challenging but it’s by no means impossible.  It doesn’t take someone with a special gift or talent (although that helps).

All you really need to do is understand what motivates your people and build your staff engagement plan around them and how those motivations are being fulfilled (or not).

Easy right?!

For example, if you know that a member of your team is motivated by being able to get on with their job without micro-management but they aren’t very fulfilled by that right now, you can identify that if you step back and let them know what the parameters of their autonomy are, you can watch them fly!

We have recently been working with a number of clients including national and global organisations to elicit motivators and satisfaction levels and create plans to move staff engagement to the next level.  There is no doubt that these clients have seen increases in productivity and staff retention as an outcome of these projects.

Whilst you may not see an immediate return on your investment, in the longer term retaining super talent, well trained people is key to a successful business.  Wouldn’t you want to know what gets your people out of bed in the morning and what you can do to help them to look forward to getting to work each day?

The Simple Take is:  Find out what drives your team to succeed and plan an engagement strategy around it.

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