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Your obligations for those driving for work

The horrific case of a bus driver in the West Midlands who crashed into a supermarket killing two people brings sharply into focus your obligations as an employer around employees driving for work.

Here are our top tips for organisations who have employees driving as all or part of their job

  • Implement a vehicle driving policy setting out your expectations and rules that must be followed and ensure that your employees sign to accept their responsibilities;
  • Check driving licenses annually (as a minimum);
  • Ensure that employees must declare any health-related issues affecting their ability to drive;
  • If a driver is using their own vehicle for work, get proof that they are insured for business use;
  • If you use tracker data, check it regularly and act on any anomalies i.e. regular speeding;
  • Consider using dash cams as evidence to help support your employees in the event of any incidents.

If your employees are driving paying passengers or they are driving heavy goods vehicles there are another set of regulations that should be adhered to in order to fulfil your obligation as a business to keep not only your employees but other road users safe.

If you receive complaints or concerns about your employees driving, take these concerns seriously and use all of the tools at your disposal to investigate including any tracking data, dash cams, insurance claim information and testimony from complainants.

The Simple Take is: Make sure your driving policies are in place, regularly maintained and communicated with your employees.

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2 Responses to “Your obligations for those driving for work”

  1. I strongly recommend that all organizations should maintain proper record of their employees driving licence.
    Even after recruiting new candidates, they must verify their driving documents properly.

    • Agreed Anu, a check at least annually of driving licenses is a must, some insurance providers will also require an annual driver declaration to be completed.

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