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Employer brand – what does it mean?

We’re hearing lots of talk about the employer brand but what exactly is it?

Your employer brand is a game of two halves.

On one hand, it’s the reputation you have as an employer.  It’s how you are perceived by the people who work for you and it’s what they say about you when they’re asked where they work and what it’s like to work there.  Or as Chris Heron of Plugin Recruiter says “it’s what your people say about you when you’ve left the room”.

On the other hand, it’s the reputation you have as a potential employer in the eyes of the people who might want to work for you.  Since there’s often a difference between people who apply for jobs and people who choose where they’d like to work, the strength of your employer brand will determine whether or not you are an employer of choice.  Would you like to be the employer with a queue of people who know what you do and how you do it and who are inspired enough to choose to work for you?

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