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Employer Branding – who’s responsible?

In this latest post around the topic of employer branding, I look at who should take responsibility for managing the employer brand.

In a small business, it’s going to fall to the business owner or director to be aware of the employer brand and to make the day to day decisions that affect how the brand is perceived.

However, in a larger company with different business functions, there are various answers to the question – who actually is responsible for employer branding?

I’ve seen a number of arguments that say that because it’s a brand thing, it should be the exclusive responsibility of marketing.  The marketing department should determine policy around employer branding and be responsible for its implementation.

Others say that HR is responsible.  After all, HR is the people management bit, isn’t it?  The department that recruits people, sets the tone and culture for existing staff; the people who decide if draconian policies and procedures control every move.

I believe that the employer brand is everyone’s responsibility, starting with the boss and going all the way through the company.  If the boss puts emphasis on the employer brand, it needs to be designed and implemented to become a living breathing part of the organisation, not just a few impressive-sounding words in a mission statement that no one reads.

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