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Do you give good phone interviews?

So, when it comes to good phone interviews, do you know what that should be like? In fact, do you phone interview at all?

Many people go straight to first interview stage once they’ve found a candidate they like the look of.  Nothing wrong with that.  Except that everything could go wrong! The candidate may not turn up, they may not be able to back up the claims they’ve made on their CV, they may not be able to join two sentences together or even make eye contact (this actually happened to me – awkward!).

Ok so phone interviewing won’t tell you if the person can make eye contact or not or if they’ll decide to wear their best jeans full of holes to the interview.

Phone interviewing will help you to filter candidates though.  It will help you to ask specific questions within 10 minutes to help you to decide if you want to arrange a face to face interview or not.  Once you’ve arranged for someone to come in and see you, you are duty bound to spend a reasonable amount of time with them. We’ve all had those awkward interviews where it’s been clear in the first 5 minutes that this isn’t going to go anywhere but you’ve dragged the person in and the least you can do is dedicate some time to interviewing them.  There goes half an hour of your life you’re never getting back…

With that in mind, here are our top telephone interview tips:

  • Be prepared – have the CV in front of you and some specific interview questions;
  • Always check that the person is able to speak to you before launching into interview mode;
  • Introduce the questions with context – this next question is going to be focussing on… – remember people get nervous and can feel put on the spot;
  • Take notes or better still, use a headset and type the notes as you go;
  • Be friendly – this is not the Spanish Inquisition;
  • Give the interviewee a chance to ask questions.

So if you want to give phone interviews a go but you’re more nervous than your prospective candidates, talk to us.  We can talk you through it or we’ll even do the phone interviews for you and give you all the feedback you’ll ever need!

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And if you are as bored as this lady with phone interviews, definitely give the experts a call!

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