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The Good Work Plan: Changes to written statement of terms and conditions

As part of the Good Work Plan to be introduced in April 2020, there is a significant change regarding the issue of written statements of terms and conditions, i.e. what’s commonly known as the contract of employment.

Day one right

Currently, you need to give employees a written statement of their terms and conditions within two months of their start date. The new legislation makes this a day one right, i.e. on or before their start date, they must receive a written statement from you explaining their terms and conditions of employment.

There is a common misconception that an employee doesn’t need a contract of employment until they’ve passed a probationary period or until some other milestone has been reached. If you were employed, wouldn’t you like to know what terms and conditions apply to your employment before you sign up? If you sign up to any commercial service such as the provision of IT support or HR advice, you wouldn’t sign up without knowing what you can expect or what’s expected of you!

There are two other key points to note with this.

The first is that the right now extends to “workers” as well as “employees”.

So it’s extremely important to understand the status of the person you are engaging to carry out work for you, particularly once changes under the Good Work Plan take effect.

Secondly, the new legislation requires additional information to be given:

  • How long a job is expected to last (or end date of a fixed term contract);
  • How much notice is required?;
  • Details of eligibility for sick leave and pay;
  • Details of other types of paid leave (e.g. maternity/paternity leave);
  • Duration and conditions of any probationary period;
  • Remuneration (not just pay);
  • Which specific days and times workers are required to work;
  • Details of training entitlements, training requirements and details of any training that will not be paid for by the employer

The Simple Take is: make sure you have updated terms and conditions of employment and that they’re ready to issue on or before the first day your employee joins you.  Do you need a free review of your HR documentation? Get in touch

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