What HR documents do I really need?

A lot of small business ask themselves – what HR documents do I need? There are so many different documents out there – some small business packages include over 100 documents! Do you REALLY need that many?!

HR Documentation doesn’t need to be confusing or difficult. What it does need to be is legal! HR documents need to comply with statutory requirements so that you can be confident you are meeting the minimum requirements laid down by the law.

Previously, contracts of employment had to be issued within 8 weeks of the employee’s start date – this is now a day one right, i.e. the employee should be in receipt of a written contract of employment on day one of them joining your business.

Employment contracts are legally binding documents that lay out the terms and conditions for the employee and should be issued in writing so both parties are absolutely clear on what’s been agreed.
If you do not issue a written employment contract, you could potentially end up in a tribunal situation because of a simple misunderstanding that could have been avoided.

Grievance, disciplinary and all other policies all need to be in line with employment law and Acas guidance.

A grievance procedure can look complicated, just like a disciplinary procedure can. There are informal and formal stages to these procedures, and it may be confusing which route to take as well as which sanction is warranted – if any. Our handy employer guides are simple and easy to follow, detailing exactly what needs to happen to make the situation lawful and correct.

All businesses should comply with the Equal Opportunities Act in 2019. To stop your business from ending up at tribunal that could incur uncapped rewards, let us provide you with an easy to follow Equal Opportunities Policy that outlines your approach to providing equal opportunities to all employees. This policy will clearly define what is classed as discrimination, such as religious discrimination or gender discrimination.

An anti-bribery policy will state clearly what employees are allowed to accept from clients in terms of business gifts, for example. This policy is required in the workplace as part of the Anti-Bribery Act. Googling it and hoping for the best just isn’t going to cut it – let us provide one that is legal and protected!

Sickness absence – should be straight forward – but it isn’t if you don’t know all of the legal ins and outs. You need to know information about Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and how to manage long term absence issues legally. You never know when these may happen, and it is best for all employees to have access to a policy that is clear and easy to understand – particularly as this can be a confusing subject at the best of times.

Do you know the legal amount of holiday a full-time employee should receive? 5.6 weeks which can include bank holidays – pro rated for a part time employee.  A holiday process needs to be put in place so that all of your employees know how to book holiday and how long they can take off in one go. Sounds simple and it should be simple. Our simple process for taking annual leave will smooth out any misunderstandings surrounding holiday.

Do you feel your HR documentation needs an update? Are you fed up of the legal jargon in your current HR documents that no one understands? Do you need all or some of the statutory HR documentation mentioned needed above?

If your answer is YES one or more of these questions, contact us for advice and guidance on an HR document package to suit your business.