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Disciplinary issues

What is a disciplinary procedure?

At some point in your life as a business owner, you will need to know how to discipline a member of staff for failure to follow the company’s rules or for behaviour which is not acceptable from a member of your staff.  These are not easy situations to deal with but the good news is that you are not alone.  We will support you through every stage of the disciplinary procedure, helping you to understand how to do a disciplinary hearing and making sure you follow the Acas guidelines on disciplinary procedures.

Why are disciplinary procedures needed?

  • So employees know what is expected of them in terms of standards of performance or conduct (and the likely consequences of continued failure to meet these standards)
  • To identify obstacles to employees being able to achieve the required standards (for example training needs, lack of clarity of job requirements, additional support needed) and take appropriate action.
  • As an opportunity to agree suitable goals and timescales for improvement in an employee’s performance or conduct.
  • To try to resolve matters without recourse to an employment tribunal.

Help with the disciplinary process

We will help you with disciplinary matters, giving you guidance on all aspects of the disciplinary process, including:

  • what is a disciplinary procedure
  • the importance of being impartial and not making any decisions before going the disciplinary process
  • deciding when disciplinary action may be necessary
  • carrying out disciplinary investigations
  • helping you through the formal disciplinary procedure
  • teaching you how to run a disciplinary hearing
  • understanding the employee’s right to be accompanied during the hearing
  • deciding what level of warning is appropriate given the circumstances
  • understanding what kind of behaviour could be considered gross misconduct and the disciplinary procedure to follow
  • issuing disciplinary letters at all stages of the process
  • dealing with disciplinary appeals

Manage a disciplinary process from start to finish with our help – we’ll keep you right