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HR Support with Coronavirus Covid-19

In an unprecedented and ever-changing situation relating to Coronavirus (Covid-19) Keeping HR Simple will bring you the latest updates and information as it becomes available.

HR support

Our free Coronavirus guidance for employers offers:

  • some general HR support and guidance about Coronavirus and the impact in the workplace;
  • information about social distancing at work;
  • answers to frequently asked Covid-19 questions such as “what if an employee gets sick with Coronavirus?”;
  • available options like offering paid holiday, discussing unpaid leave, reducing hours of work (short-time working);
  • an explanation of temporary lay-offs and important points for an employer to understand about laying people off.

Feedback on the Coronavirus HR Guidance Notes:

“really useful information – thank you!”

“exactly what I needed to know as a business owner trying to navigate my way through a maze of information”

“You’ve lived up to your name – simple and straightforward HR advice as always”

PLUS new HR guidance on "Furlough Leave"... what it is, what we know about it and (roughly) how the system will work once up and running!

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