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All businesses must comply with employment law when employing staff but most business owners don’t know where to start.  This is where Keeping HR Simple can help with proactive, solutions led and forward thinking HR support.

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The Statutory Document Package

Just like compulsory third party insurance – this is the minimum legal requirement

Protect your business with the essential documents required for you to employ staff correctly.  The Statutory document pack, introduced correctly, will help you to engage with and look after your staff from day one, not to mention reducing your risk of an employment tribunal claim against your business. If you are a small business taking on your first employee or you have up to 5 in your team, The Statutory package is ideal for you to get started on your employer journey.

The Compliance Document Package

Just like third party, fire and theft – this is basic cover with added protection

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The Compliance document pack includes all the essential employment documents required by law plus some important policies that will give you confidence for your business and your staff.  If you are a business with more than 5 employees, if you employ people who drive as part or all of their job or if you want all of your employees to be clear about their responsibilities to your business and yours to them, The Compliance document pack is the pack for you.

The Best Practice Document Package

Just like fully comprehensive insurance – it’s all about giving you total peace of mind

A fully branded employee handbook containing everything you need to protect you, your business and your staff. 
Ensuring you have everything you need in place to minimise risks to your business
 Accompanying documentation supports you and your Managers to look after, engage with and develop your staff while enabling you to focus on your business growth and that all-important bottom line.

Protect your business from costly tribunal claims
Employing people really should be as easy as putting a car on the road.  When you put a car on the road, you have legal requirements, tax, insurance, MOT and a handbook called Highway Code that tells everybody what the rules of the road are.  When you employ someone there are also legal requirements; a contract of employment, disciplinary, grievance, sick pay policies and a company handbook that tells everybody equally and fairly what the rules of the company are.

These documents are about setting clear expectations – what can and will be expected of your employees but equally, what they can expect from you.  Whatever the size or complexity of your business, there is a document pack to support you on your employer journey.

All of these document packages include 1 hour with an HR Expert to support your business to implement the new documents and some general guidance notes on how to introduce and use HR documentation in your business.

"The contracts and handbook are superb and cost far less than I initially anticipated such items would cost. You did a vastly better job than my lawyers did of the previous contracts so I can safely say that all HR from now on will be done through you. Thank you"