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Buy The Compliance HR Document Pack including one hour’s FREE support with one of our HR Experts to support you to implement the documents into your business

 What will I get?

 Everything in the Statutory package PLUS

  1. A probationary policy – to enhance a probationary clause in your contract of employment and make it clear what probationary periods are for (both for the employee and for the business);
  2. Email and internet policy – in this day and age, you’d be mad not to clearly set out your expectations in terms of email and internet use;
  3. Social media – want to ban Facebook during working hours? Go right ahead; just state that in your policy and you’re good to go;
  4. Mobile phone use – you can’t complain about it if you don’t set out in writing what your expectations are – make it clear what is and isn’t acceptable and you have a set of rules to live by;
  5. Dress code – no matter what business you’re in, it’s always a good idea to set out some guidelines rather than relying on people to make good decisions all the time. Want people to cover up visible tattoos for example? Dress code’s the place for that;
  6. Smoking – a no smoking policy is essential for any business, particularly if you want to avoid grey areas like e-cigarettes and whether or not they’re acceptable;
  7. Alcohol and drugs – think about it this way, if you might ever want to sack someone in the future for turning up to work drunk or under the influence of drugs, then you need a drugs and alcohol policy in your business;
  8. Pension – a pension policy sets out your compliance with auto-enrolment pension regulations. Exciting but essential stuff;
  9. CCTV (GDPR compliant) – if you operate CCTV cameras on your premises then under GDPR rules, you need to state where the cameras are, how the data will be used and stored etc;
  10. Data retention (GDPR compliant) – you are required by GDPR to spell out your policy on retaining their data once employment comes to an end. What do you mean, you just archive their personnel file?!;
  11. Employee privacy (GDPR compliant) – again, GDPR requires that an employer explain to employees what data is held on them, how it’s stored, who has access to it, with whom it’s shared… the list goes on;
  12. Clear desk/screen (GDPR compliant) – a highly recommended policy to encourage employees to take responsibility for your clients’ confidential data and to tidy their desks at least once in a while;
  13. Bad weather – what do you expect of your team if it snows, for example? Do they know what they should be doing? It’s worth setting out in a policy if you allow/encourage home working, if they need to take a day’s holiday etc;
  14. Lone working – depending on your business, you may well have employees who routinely work alone. As their employer, you’re responsible for their wellbeing so it’s essential to be clear about what they need to do to ensure their safety as well as what you’re doing to look after them.

Who is it for?

Ideal for a growing business with an expanding team and additional requirements in terms of HR documentation to support your growth.

Why do I need it?

You’re a business who wants to take care of your staff as well as managing and protecting the business itself.

What else do I need to know?

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Buy The Compliance HR Document Pack including one hour’s FREE support with one of our HR Experts to support you to implement the documents into your business

What our clients say:

“The start-up package, which included staff contracts, offer letters and guidelines and policies, were tailored to us, which was incredibly important. Experienced staff have themselves praised the handbook, saying how excellent and thorough it is, particularly in comparison to other places they have worked. I very highly recommend Keeping HR Simple.”
Tim Mills

Edgar House

Thanks very much for your help and support in updating our staff handbook. As a small charity it can be very difficult to keep up to date with changes in the law and current procedures, so your services have been extremely appreciated by all staff and executive members at PREC.”

Jennie Elmore
Racial Equality Support Officer

Professional Finish Ltd