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Buy The Best Practice HR Document Pack including one hour’s FREE support with one of our HR Experts to support you to implement the documents into your business

 What will I get?

Everything in the Statutory and Compliance packages PLUS

  1. different types of employment contract (full-time, part-time, fixed term and zero hours) – if you have employees working different patterns or on different terms, you’ll need different contracts to match;
  2. New starter forms – to make the process of having a new starter a bit less onerous and a bit more straightforward;
  3. Training fees agreement and detailed guidance notes – if you’re paying for your staff to attend training, you don’t just want one of these, you NEED one of these. Essential for legally being able to reclaim training fees if an employee leaves a week after they complete that expensive training course;
  4. Company vehicle use agreement – driving for work is the riskiest thing anyone can do at work these days. If you’re entrusting your Company vehicles to your team, you need to clearly set out what they can and can’t do, not to mention what to do in the event of an accident.;
  5. Company property record – if you’re handing out goodies that you’ve paid for like a mobile, laptop, fuel card or even office keys, you must keep a record of what you’ve given to whom. Not only will it help with record keeping but it’s a must have when it comes to an employee who’s leaving and swears they weren’t given that shiny new iPhone two months ago;
  6. Confidentiality agreement – as the business owner, do you know who has access to what information? Do they know that if they shared or used your business-sensitive information, you’d come down on them like the proverbial ton of bricks? If not, you need one of these to help protect your business;
  7. Working Time Regulation (WTR) guidance notes – you might think you don’t need to worry about the WTR provided you have an opt-out clause in your contract, but that’s only a small part of what’s covered. What else is covered I hear you ask? You need these guidance notes then!

Who is it for?

For the business who wants to make sure that they are meeting best practice requirements when it comes to looking after their business and their team. Happy staff = happy customers!   

Why do I need it?

A comprehensive and tailored staff handbook with the accompanying documentation will support you and your Managers in proactively managing your business and dealing with issues when they arise. It’s making sure that you set clear expectations for your staff and making HR work for you.

The Extras

You are most definitely not on your own with this package – we’ll include a 1 hour phone or online consultation with an expert HR Advisor to get a better understanding of your business and your concerns before providing documentation that’s tailored to suit your business needs;
You’ll receive a fully tailored staff handbook full of your policies with your business name and logo added;
We’ll guarantee your staff handbook for a period of 12 months after issue – that means if any of the policies we’ve provided needs to change for whatever reason, we’ll update it for you with no additional charge;
We’ll even include a one hour phone or online consultation after 6 months to see how you’ve been getting on with your documentation and if there’s anything else you need to support your growing business.

Buy The Best Practice HR Document Pack including one hour’s FREE support with one of our HR Experts to support you to implement the documents into your business

What our clients say:

“The start-up package, which included staff contracts, offer letters and guidelines and policies, were tailored to us, which was incredibly important. Experienced staff have themselves praised the handbook, saying how excellent and thorough it is, particularly in comparison to other places they have worked. I very highly recommend Keeping HR Simple.”
Tim Mills

Edgar House

Thanks very much for your help and support in updating our staff handbook. As a small charity it can be very difficult to keep up to date with changes in the law and current procedures, so your services have been extremely appreciated by all staff and executive members at PREC.”

Jennie Elmore
Racial Equality Support Officer

Professional Finish Ltd