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Improve your recruitment process, improve your employer brand

So far in this series of blog posts about employer branding we’ve looked at what it is and how to measure it.  We’ve said before that your employer brand is what people say about you.  One group of people who usually have a lot to say are those who’ve applied to work for you.

When you recruit, it’s tempting to think that once you’ve advertised the role all you have to do is sit back and wait for the applications to flood in.  Finding the right person for the role is only one half of the story.  You’ve also got to show them that the role and the company are right for them.

As soon as a person thinks about applying to work for your company, they are forming an impression of you.  It’s formed by the way you’ve worded the advert, what you say about the role and the research they do into your company.  If that information helps them to form a favourable impression, they may decide to submit their application.  Your employer brand is affected by what happens next.

If you know that your recruitment process is letting you down when it comes to your employer brand, there are some key things you can do to improve that:

  • Acknowledge all applications
  • Do what you say – if you say you’ll be in touch with a week, make sure you do
  • Communicate more – if there’s no news, say so
  • Give feedback, both when rejecting applicants and after interviews

Everyone knows that there’s one job and lots of people applying for it but that’s not an excuse for lack of communication.  Candidates just want to be acknowledged and treated well but when they’re not, that reflects badly on your business.

This lack of communication has become “the norm” which is unfortunate for candidates but great news for you.  The best way to stand out from the crowd is by doing what most others aren’t – in this case, talking directly to people who apply for your vacancies, keeping them informed of their progress and giving them feedback on your decisions.  It’s a sure fire way of improving a candidate’s experience with you and as a result, your employer brand will benefit too.

Focusing on improving your employer brand takes time and effort.  If you need help with getting it right, you need to talk to us on 01487 815720.

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