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Improving your employer brand – why doing nothing is not an option

The last two posts on the subject of employer branding have covered an explanation of what it is and how to measure it.  So, what do you do with the feedback and statistics once you’ve collected them?  Put all the information in a 50 page report complete with graphs, executive summary and fancy binding and then find a special place on the shelf for it?

In my opinion, the most important thing about any report is the actions that happen as a result.  Doing nothing is not an option.

If the outcome of the report is that you’re doing a great job and your employer brand is top of the class, you should make sure that you continue doing what you’re doing.  Use the report as proof that it works and don’t let anyone derail your efforts.  Also, think about what else you can be doing to build on that strong employer brand of yours because you’re not always going to be top of the class if you sit back and wait for everyone else to catch up.

If your employer brand is looking a bit so so and you definitely could do better, now is the time to look at the areas where you’re not scoring highly.

In the next post, we look at the candidate experience, how it affects your employer brand and some guaranteed ways to improve it.

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