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Interview no shows. Should an employer just have to put up or shut up?

I read an article about a boss being shocked that a number of candidates who were interview no shows.  In fact, around half of those scheduled for interview just didn’t go.

Unfortunately, “no shows” are becoming more common and the more interviews we at Keeping HR Simple arrange, the more we see it happening.

Obviously, we are aware that there are many good reasons for not going along to interview.  Some of these might be:

  • An emergency of some kind;
  • Traffic-related delays;
  • Lack of transport on the day;
  • Wrong date/time;
  • Changed opinion on the role.

Despite there being some perfectly plausible reasons for not attending an interview, there is no reason and certainly no excuse for not making contact with the company.  Whether before you were due to attend or shortly afterwards, you should always, and I do mean always, let the company know why you didn’t attend.

No interviewer wants to waste their time on interviewing someone who doesn’t want to be there. Equally, no interviewer wants to waste their time waiting for someone who just isn’t going to turn up!

So should an employer just put up with no-shows? Absolutely not.  My advice is always to contact the candidate afterwards, ask for an explanation as to why they did not attend and clearly yet politely state that not turning up and not providing a reason mean that the individual will not be invited for interview ever again!  If there are no clear consequences to their actions, what stops people from doing the same again?!

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