Interviewing top tips

May 18, 2020 | Recruitment

Interviewing a candidate can often be as terrifying for you as it is for the candidate, especially if it is something you are not used doing or you haven’t done much of.

The two top tips we always talk to clients about are preparation and listening.

Read and make notes on CVs. Identify the things you would like clarification on and any concerns you have or challenges you think the candidate might have working in your business.

Write a set of interview questions that are specific to the position you are recruiting for. Using the job specification is ideal for this. Preparing questions in advance will

  1. Help you to stay on track during the interview;
  2. Ensure that you ask consistent questions of all candidates;
  3. Make you feel more prepared and in control!

Interviewing is about finding out if the candidate has the skills you need in your business and has values and beliefs that fit with your business so make sure your questions are limited to eliciting that information.

Be prepared for questions about the position, the business and the Company culture. Remember that people are supposed to be showing interest in your business so they (ideally) will want to ask lots of questions.

How many times have you seen a journalist interview someone on the TV when they clearly haven’t listened to the answer? They ask a question that has already been answered or something which is completely irrelevant.

Remember when someone comes to be interviewed, they are also working out if you are the right business for them.  Imagine the impression they will get if they cannot see that you are actively listening and responding to the answers they are giving.

Consider your body language too when conducting an interview. Slightly leaning forward, maintaining eye contact, nodding – all of these things help to give a positive impression and show that you’re listening.

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