You’re taking on a new employee and you know you need some HR documentation to onboard your employee easily and with minimum fuss. But when did you last look at your employment contract? Is it still up to date and legally compliant? What about your staff handbook – does it have all the policies you need? How do you protect your business if you pay for the new employee’s training? How do you track any company property?

Keeping HR Simple’s complete new starter package includes everything you need to onboard your new employee. Find out what’s included.



National minimum wage

Decide how much to pay them – National Minimum Wage rates apply as statutory – they are minimum rates and you can pay more depending on the role.

For more information on minimum wage rates – visit:


Carry out some salary benchmarking to find out what’s a suitable rate for the role by researching similar roles online.


Register with ICO as data controller (if not already) – you are going to be responsible for some sensitive personal data for your employee.

Visit the ICO website for more information and to complete their quick self-assessment tool to find out if this applies to your business.

Register with ICO as data controller


Arrange a payroll provider

Arrange a payroll provider – most accountants and bookkeepers offer this service.


Payroll can get complicated so we highly recommend outsourcing this essential part of employing people.


Tell HMRC that you are going to be an employer.

Visit: for more information


This step is often done by the business you outsource payroll to so it’s worth asking if they will do it for you.



Arrange employers’ liability insurance

Arrange employers’ liability insurance.


Ask other small business owners you know if they can recommend an insurance provider who will meet your needs.


Sort out a pension scheme – you must automatically enrol employees if eligible.

Check out the Nest pension scheme website as a good starting point.

Sort out pension scheme


Check proof of the right to work in the UK

Check proof of the right to work in the UK for all staff – usually a UK passport is sufficient but other proof will be required for non-UK nationals.


Rules around working in the UK have changed and we’d recommend that you seek advice before employing someone who is not currently UK resident and isn’t a UK national.


Get HR documents in place – contract of employment, policies and procedures – we can help.

Keeping HR Simple Starter Package

We offer a complete new starter
package including:

  • Contracts of employment for your business, four types included: full-time, part-time, fixed-term and zero hours (also known as casual)
  • Staff handbook
  • New starter form for payroll – HMRC
  • New starter onboarding checklist
  • New starter information form, including next of kin and medical questionnaire
  • Company property form to track any property given to the employee
  • Training fees agreement (plus guidance notes) to support your business if you are paying for the employee to undertake any training

12 months of FREE updates
We include a 12 month guarantee on all documentation so that if anything changes from an employment law perspective, you receive updates free of charge for 12 months after the date of issue. Thereafter, we offer ad hoc HR support at an agreed hourly rate.

FREE access to our popular webinars and masterclasses
We also keep in touch regularly with you offering HR updates and useful information as well as regularly offering free webinars and paid masterclasses on different subjects. Catch up with our most popular webinars and masterclasses here.

Peace of mind with our FREE employer obligations checklist
Every order of our New Employee Package will include an employer obligations checklist so you can make sure you don’t miss any of the required steps to successfully adding a new member to your team.

Get instant access. Complete your purchase and download the New Employee Package today!


Keep in touch

Keep in touch in the down time between offer and start date – poor communication at this time is a significant issue and can lead to new recruits not starting.


Nearly a quarter of all new employees didn’t hear from their new line manager before starting their role

Over a fifth of all new hires didn’t know what to expect when they started their job

Source – Onboarding new employees – the facts HR needs to know. A report by Cezanne HR, 2022

Arrange training and induction

Arrange training and induction (commonly referred to as onboarding).

Poor onboarding processes left


of new hires feeling isolated or not part of a team.


Nearly a fifth of all new hires said poor onboarding led to feeling concerned about their choice of employer.

Source – Onboarding new employees – the facts HR needs to know. A report by Cezanne HR, 2022. Source – CIPD Resource and Talent Planning Survey 2020.

People choose which business to work for based on factors such as pay and benefits, perception of the business as an employer, career development opportunities, organisational values, perception of job security and flexible working.

Source: CIPD. (2022) Resourcing and talent planning report 2022. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


Here at Keeping HR Simple we suggest these are all points to consider AND communicate in your recruitment campaign – having a careers page on your website will help you effectively get across all these important points and more.

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