Although based on the Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire border, geography is no obstacle when it comes to our mission to keep HR simple – we have clients all around the country. Typically, we provide HR support for small and medium businesses in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk but we can and do travel wherever we’re needed.

Business size

You may be wondering what size of business you need to be before you need to access HR support. The simple answer is as long as you have one employee, you may well need us!

From experience, we’d say that businesses with less than 10 employees mainly (but not always) engage with us on an ad hoc basis. We say this is like a “pay as you go” service – when you need us, we’re there but you don’t usually need us on an ongoing basis.

Once you have more than 10 employees, we generally find that retained support is the most suitable option, although again, we do have some clients with 50 employees who like working with us on a completely ad hoc basis.

Hopefully by now you’ve got the message that we’re as flexible as you need us to be and we’re not at all prescriptive about how you work with us.

Type of business

We work with any business with staff. It’s that simple. It really doesn’t matter what type of business you are or what product or service you offer. Of course, if you happen to make cakes or baked goodies, chances are you’ll go straight to the top of our favourite clients list! Joking aside, we work with a really wide range of clients and we think that makes us even better at our jobs as a result. We get insights from all sorts of different industries and understand how best to work with employees at all levels. From bosses to apprentices, from sheet metal workers to beauticians (yes, really!), we just like working with people.

Want to find out more?

Take a look at:

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Trusted Advisor

I have worked with Katherine for the last two years. She has acted on matters that I was unable to, and I am confident that she provides astute knowledge and a practical approach to all

Wendy Davidson
Butcher Andrews

Motivational maps were a real eye opener

We have used keeping HR Simple for the past 3 years after they were recommended to us. The team are approachable and reliable. They always go the extra mile in finding the solution you need, offering their services above and beyond your initial query to ensure the best customer service they can offer, delivering the best possible results. The team can always demonstrate their knowledge from past experience. Jason and Kathryn have genuine care for their clients and passion for not only HR, but the wellbeing of the business too.

Rebecca Allbones - Studio Manager
Studio 11 Architecture

Incredibly easy and painless process…

Thank you so much for revolutionising our HR systems. Until I met you I thought the HR was something that massive PLCs had to worry about so was deeply concerned when I realised that we had to take it far more seriously! You made the whole process incredibly easy and painless for me though and we now have systems in place for every possible scenario. The communication between me and my team is also vastly better as a result. The contracts and handbook are superb and cost far less than

Ed Williams, Director & Solo Channel Swimmer
Elite Swimming Academy