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Do you plan to recruit?

Do you plan to recruit or do you wing it when the need arises? Does the thought of recruiting for someone new fill you with dread?

I read some advice recently, aimed at startup businesses, that suggested they should put more effort into early recruitment than anything else in their business.  That got me wondering what’s so special about early stage recruitment in a business.  I mean, of course it’s important to get the right people in the team in the early days but isn’t it just as important to do so when the business has grown and is more established?

When recruiting, many people start with the job advert and go from there. After all, getting the details out is the only bit you need to do, right?

To be honest, the advert really only comes after you’ve put some effort in up front.  When I talk about job analyses, I feel as though I have two heads some times!  What’s one of those?!

A job analysis is simply a way of looking at what the job entails and the reasons why those tasks or responsibilities are important.

If you start with a job description, you’ll end up with a list of tasks.  Useful but not the full picture.  A job description should explain the purpose of the role, the “why” as well as the “what”.

And if you want a good example of why recruitment planning is essential at any stage of a business, consider the situation we were recently asked about.  A business interviewed someone, made a job offer and had that job offer accepted.  After the fact, they then realised they couldn’t really afford the salary they had offered.  Now they are facing the difficult reality of withdrawing an offer that wouldn’t have been made in the first place if they’d planned their recruitment campaign and done their sums.

Recruitment planning does take some time.  But isn’t it better to take time and get it right rather than rush it through and then regret it?  What is more important than spending time to get the right people into your business?

If we’ve convinced you that planning to recruit is worth the effort and you’d like some help, talk to us.

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