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Does recruitment discrimination exist? You bet!

Many people will say that discrimination in recruitment still exists; it’s simply gone underground. It exists when the hiring manager reads a CV, works out from the dates given roughly how old the candidate is and decides they’re too old. It exists when the hiring manager sees “career break to have my family” on a CV and decides that there’s too much of a risk that the candidate will want to have more children (and how very dare they?!).

However, it can be the case that discrimination isn’t so much underground as above ground and shouting from the rooftops.

Take the recent advert on LinkedIn posted by a US recruitment firm which has caused a furore (and rightly so).

Yes, that does say “preferably Caucasian”.

The advert has since been removed and apologies have been issued. However, isn’t that rather like shutting the gate after the proverbial (white) horse has done a runner? The fact that someone somewhere found it perfectly acceptable to type those words and then post the advert says so much more than a “we’re sorry” ever could.

Apparently, there is still a long way to go before discrimination is eradicated from our recruitment processes and people are hired on merit and skill rather than being of an “acceptable” age, gender or skin colour.

The Simple Take is: For goodness sake get your job adverts checked before posting!

Link to the full story here

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