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When it comes to recruiting..

We only recruit to replace someone or when the business is growing.  If that sounds like you, don’t worry; most businesses do exactly the same.

Just imagine

Imagine how it would be though if you had a steady trickle of CV’s coming through so when you are ready to recruit a new member of staff you already have some details you can review and match to the vacancy.

To save your imagination, let us describe exactly how it would be:

  1. It would save your business money on management and recruitment costs;
  2. It would save your business time – recruiting new staff will be a shorter process;
  3. You would have a bank of people you could contact when you are ready to recruit
  4. You’d also have a bank of people who are already “warm” to your business, i.e. have already expressed interest in hearing from you!

These are all the reasons why we are helping our clients create a recruitment strategy as well as recruitment itself.

What’s one of those?

A recruitment strategy is a formal plan to identify, attract and hire the best people for your business.

Tell me more

We are currently working with a business who have a sudden need for a number of new people because of an unexpected growth in their business. However, they also recognised that not having recruited or managed people before, they would need a level of support that a recruitment agency just can’t give them.

Enter Keeping HR Simple with our sister business, Keeping Recruitment Simple.

Not only are we recruiting all of the new staff they need but we have also built them a recruitment strategy which includes their employer brand, creative job descriptions for everyone in the business, a constant recruiting plan and much, much more.

All of which will help the business recruit more easily in the future with less support from us so less cost to them!

Rather than getting on the agency treadmill, our ethos is to support our clients on their journey to becoming their own best recruiter.  As a business, if you have your recruitment strategy and your employer brand working for you, recruitment should be easy!

Because of the service we are offering we are shouting the name of our client from the rooftops rather than the clandestine approach others might take.

With that in mind, if you know an exceptional person in the Cambridge or St Ives area with travel agency experience who is passionate about travel and sharing their own experiences and who gets as excited about their client’s holidays as their own, they might be just who we are looking for. Our client is ItsSo Travel who are a local independent and specialist travel consultancy providing personalised travel and holidays tailor made to their customers. Their ethos is to provide world class service and they work on the basis that the moment the customer walks through the door, the holiday has already started! Let us know if you want more details of the roles we’re looking for; call 01487 815720 or email [email protected]

Join us at our next seminar to find out more about how to recruit and retain the very best people.

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