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Saying thanks

This week sees Thanksgiving being celebrated in America and whist we don’t celebrate it here, it is a perfect time to say thanks!

As an employer do you say thanks to employees? There are some who think thanks is not needed after all it is their job and they get paid, surely that’s enough. But think of the times when someone said thank you and how good you felt. It really is nice to be appreciated.

There are many different ways to say thank you, some very inexpensive and some needing a bit of money invested.

The main consideration when thinking about rewards or incentives is to offer something your employees are interested in, there is no point putting a lot of money into organising a high-speed racing or bungee jump day out if no one wants to do it.

Some simple ideas include a birthday card, an email saying thank you, finishing an hr earlier or a cake for tea. Some companies also have employee of the week or month which can work well by recognising hard work.

If the company is larger it may be able to offer employees treats or days out, gym memberships, 1 American company even reimburses employees for a book of their choice.

What about making sure there are nice cups and plates in the kitchen and remember who likes what milk. A small detail but it will make your employees feel special.

I still think the best idea is just to say thank you! It means so much…

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