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Exiting employees

Just as employees join your business, there will come a time when they leave your business, for whatever reason.  When an employee chooses to resign, that can be a difficult time for a business; however, dismissing or exiting an employee from your business can be much worse.

If an employee decides to resign, we will support you with:

  • Finding out why they are leaving and what, if anything, you should do to resolve the situation to minimise any future risk to your business;
  • Carrying out exit interviews so you can ask the right questions to help you learn for the future;
  • Accepting resignations correctly and putting the practical arrangements in place around termination of employment.

As a business owner, you may have to face the difficult decision of letting an employee go.  Whatever the reason, you need help in understanding your options and the confidence to know that your decision is the right one.  We offer:

  • Someone to talk to in complete confidence;
  • A strategy to deal with the issue and detailed step by step action plan
  • Consultation and support, whether you’re dealing with redundancy or disciplinary matters.

We’re on call and on site to assist you through the process of exiting the employee, saving you time and money by preventing costly mistakes and potential legal action.  You are not on this journey alone – Keeping HR Simple will be with you all the way.

Get peace of mind with our help

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