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How you can evaluate your team’s satisfaction levels?

How motivated and productive are my staff?

Employee engagement, happiness and motivation levels is such a big topic and has become a more recognised priority for employers.  We now understand that happy, engaged and motivated employees are good for our business, for our productivity and for our customers.

So, if you are asking how to evaluate your employee’s motivation and satisfaction levels and are prepared to take steps to make the necessary improvements, you are ahead of the curve.

Here are a few hints on how to get started.

Top of the shop is the induction process.

Almost everyone who has ever been employed has had at least one experience where they have turned up at their new job on their first day and no one is expecting them or knows who they are. There has been no-one to show them around and introduce them to people, their computer hasn’t been set up and they just sit for 8 hours at a desk drinking tea and feeling awkward.

Engaging employees starts from the minute they arrive on their first day so our advice is to create an induction process that will help them to navigate their way around the business and the people, show them around, introduce them to everyone (including senior managers) and make sure everything is set up ready for them to start.

During the all-important probationary period, meet with them regularly, talk to them about what they are doing well and what needs improvement (if anything), talk to them about any concerns you might have but probably most importantly, let them tell you how they think it is going.  Make sure you document all of your conversations!

From an ongoing point of view, you need to work out what employee happiness/engagement is!  This is a difficult one because it will be different for everyone and it will change depending on an employee’s circumstances.  What might make someone happy today may not be the same thing that makes them happy in six months.

There are a number of ways you can pinpoint a person’s drivers; the system we choose is Motivational Maps.  A motivational map will help you to understand an employee’s motivators and their current satisfaction levels.

For example, my motivation might be expertise and I might be motivated by being an expert in my field but I may not be particularly satisfied with this motivation.  That may be because I strive to be an expert but am not there yet, in which case further training could increase my happiness or it could be because I don’t feel I am recognised as an expert in my field in which case you might want to give me a new job title or there may be something else you can do to help me feel recognised for my expertise.

Once you understand what motivates your employees it becomes much easier to find ways to improve their happiness at work.  It doesn’t end there though. Motivations change depending on a person’s circumstances so for me it might have been expertise but following a number of changes in my personal life, money might be my main driver.

We’ve also identified that technology can help business owners engage with their staff in a multitude of ways which don’t require potentially embarrassing face to face meetings about how happy or otherwise people are.

In today’s connected society we all understand apps. We have apps for finance, apps for social media, apps for travel so why not an app that connects your employees to your business?  Think about it – periodic feedback, employee check in, mental health and awareness, reporting grievances and the latest team update, an app is the perfect way to engage your employees and create a fantastically inclusive workplace.

Imagine being able to alert your employees in real time in an emergency situation or to be able to automate your onboarding experience to ensure that you maximise your spend on recruitment. All these things are possible with technology.

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The Simple Take is: Happy and motivated employees = happy customers!

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