Like many companies we needed to undertake a recruitment campaign. Faced with the plethora of employment legislation and not having the in-house experience to undertake a recruitment exercise, we needed to ensure we followed the right process in order to get the right result.

This is where Keeping HR Simple stepped in. They assisted us by:

creating a job/person specification;

ensured we advertised the vacancy in the right media to attract the most suitable applicants;

assisted with the sifting of CVs for shortlisting for interview; and

supported us by undertaking the interviews with us, training our own staff along the way.

Hydromarque has enjoyed a successful and professional relationship with Keeping HR Simple now for 3 years. Their unique ability to keep pace within an industry that has changed so much has been second to none. They continue to have an amazing ability to assist us in attracting top quality candidates, from junior roles to senior positions. Unlike most other companies, Keeping HR Simple is a true business partner. The end result in our recruitment drive was amazing. We found a hidden gem. Need we say more!!!