After a period of rapid growth for our company (from 11 to 48 employees within 3 years) we were struggling to cope with the responsibilities as an employer that a larger workforce brings.

As a family firm we have always had close relationships with all our staff and as much as we didn’t want to lose that, the day to day HR issues became more time consuming. We felt like we were not only letting our staff down, but that we weren’t putting the interests of the business first.

We started using a HR service provided by our bank, which was great for advice but after a year, we felt we were still getting dragged into the day to day issues which were taking up more and more time as we continued to grow. This was time we should have been spending overseeing the entire operations of the business. Then another local business recommended their HR company, Keeping HR Simple.

We have been working with Katherine and her team for over a year now and it’s been a revelation.

Not only have they taken the day to day running of simple HR issue like holiday requests on board with the implementation of HR software (and improved communications to all staff on site with an internal messenger service) but provided advice, strategy and insight in areas of grievance and misconduct that we would have been nervous to pursue without her involvement.

Katherine has created relationships with all members of our staff, taking time to get to know each individual so we can maintain that family firm ethos whilst ensuring we have the best interest of the business at heart​.