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We talk all the time about engaging team members in your business and taking them along for the business journey in a positive way.

It’s easier said than done but we really do believe this is the key to a super successful business.

For a number of years now we have been working with Motivational Maps, which is a way of eliciting a person’s top motivators and finding out what is important to them in their work life.

Never heard of Motivational Maps?  No problem! Take a look at our web page dedicated to employee engagement to find out more.

It’s really important to stress that this is not a personality test! Personality doesn’t help you to determine what gets your staff out of bed and raring to come to work of a morning.

There are 9 work motivators and we experience all of them, all of the time.  What can vary is the order of importance for each individual over time.

Not only will a Motivational Maps questionnaire elicit what motivates an individual, the responses will also provide an indication as to a person’s satisfaction levels with what motivates them at that time. Forget smiley and sad face emojis – this gives you real time information that you can actually do something with.

The Nine Motivators

Just imagine what you could do with that level of detail!

If you want to test the power of Motivational Maps, follow this link to get your FREE questionnaire and feedback session.

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