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The right candidate – when your face doesn’t fit

If you have been for an interview and you were not the right candidate, it’s expected that you didn’t get post interview feedback. It’s not right and fewer and fewer companies make the effort to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

Quite often, the feedback is usually to do with your skills and experience not being the best fit for the role.  Or often you’ll be told that there were other candidates more suited to the role than you.

While that can sometimes be the case, it’s usually the fact that your face or personality just doesn’t fit.  When recruiting, ability to do the job is only 50% of the story.  The other half is purely about personality and how well or otherwise the candidate would fit into the team or the company.  Anyone who says they don’t take that into consideration is not telling the truth.

Harsh but true.  Actually, is it even that harsh?  Isn’t it kinder and more realistic to all concerned not to employ someone who would struggle to fit into the working environment?  I’m all for diversity and bringing different personalities together but in certain circumstances it can be downright cruel.  When interviewing for a company with a loud and jokey environment, is it good to employ someone who’s a bit of a wallflower?  When interviewing for a company where people come to work to do their 9 to 5, don’t socialise together and don’t really like each other, would you put someone in there who is the complete opposite?

Dealing with people is rarely straightforward and there are always various shades of right and wrong when it comes to personality fit.  People do adapt and change to their environment so it’s important to take that into consideration as well as they could turn into the right candidate.

Ultimately though, if you’re told that you’re not suitable for a job, more often than not it will be because you wouldn’t fit in.  That’s not an insult so don’t take it as such.  Be pleased that you are able to get across the salient points of your personality in a short interview and don’t use it as a stick to beat yourself with.  Concentrate on doing enough research on the next company you apply for so you can decide if it’s somewhere where you will fit in and be able to get on.

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