Creating the Dream Team – Helping your Managers to manage more effectively


The most valuable resource you have in your business is your employees.  In order to get the best from them, they need effective and confident Managers to work with.

Approximately 60% of people who leave their jobs do not leave because they have fallen out of love with the job or even the company.  They leave because of their Managers. Sometimes it’s down to a clash of personalities but it can be down to how the Manager has behaved towards and treated the employee.

Managers are not born good managers. They have to be trained, supported and guided to become good managers of people and in turn to develop and train the managers of the future.

This is where Keeping HR Simple come in. Our training programme is made up of eight modules and is designed to support your Managers in creating and maintaining a well-managed and effective workplace.

Each module can be delivered face to face or via Zoom and is designed to last around an hour, making them ideal to fit in with a busy working day. They are guaranteed to deliver powerful outcomes for your business. We also offer pre-recorded modules for access whenever it’s convenient for you. 


This is ideal for first time Managers or Supervisors who want to develop their people management skills. They’ll want to understand how best to deal with the hands on side of running a team and get the most from the team they manage.  The sessions are usually delivered in groups to maximise participant contribution and sharing of ideas and experiences.


Each module is broken down into sessions which emphasise practical training to improve managers’ abilities, build their confidence and give them the skills they need to become more effective managers.


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Module 1

The role of a good Manager

What’s covered:

Explanation and overview of the responsibilities of a Manager. Introduction to topics covering different elements of what it means to be a good Manager

Effective communication

What’s covered:

  • Benefits of communicating
  • Communication techniques and methods (face to face, phone, email etc)
  • Adapting communications to individuals
  • Setting up for dealing with potentially difficult conversations

Running meetings effectively and efficiently

What’s covered:

  • Purpose of meetings
  • Delegating key tasks
  • Keeping on topic
  • Ensuring actions and deadlines are noted and recorded

Module 2

Recruiting well – when and how to find great people

What’s covered:

  • Identify need for new roles/people
  • How to write an effective job description
  • Selecting the best candidates with suitable skills/experience
  • Interview preparation and techniques

The Golden period – setting new starters up to succeed

What’s covered:

  • Preparing for induction of a new member of the team
  • Identifying training needs
  • Helping people to settle in
  • Reviewing performance and giving effective feedback

Module 3

Setting effective goals and objectives

What’s covered:

  • Understanding the point of goals and objectives
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Following up and monitoring

Praising and rewarding staff

What’s covered:

  • Recognising where praise is due and how to deliver it
  • Rewarding “above and beyond” behaviour or performance

Motivating people

What’s covered:

  • Identifying what’s important to each person in the team
  • Treating people as individuals
  • Different motivational techniques

Module 4

Dealing with issues

What’s covered:

  • Importance of prompt action
  • Face to face conversations
  • Identifying issues and recording discussions
  • When and how to escalate to a formal process

Module 5

Dealing with sickness absence

What’s covered:

  • Why it’s important to monitor and manage absence
  • Steps involved including return to work and welfare meetings
  • Formal processes

Module 6

Managing a formal disciplinary process

What’s covered:

  • Investigation
  • Considering disciplinary action
  • Step by step procedure and possible outcomes

Module 7

Preparing for and delivering appraisals that count

What’s covered:

  • The purpose of appraisals
  • How to prepare for and deliver an effective appraisal
  • The importance of following up

Module 8

Closing session

What’s covered:

  • Wrap up question and answer session


Motivational maps were a real eye opener

We have used keeping HR Simple for the past 3 years after they were recommended to us. The team are approachable and reliable. They always go the extra mile in finding the solution you need, offering their services above and beyond your initial query to ensure the best customer service they can offer, delivering the best possible results. The team can always demonstrate their knowledge from past experience. Jason and Kathryn have genuine care for their clients and passion for not only HR, but the wellbeing of the business too.

Rebecca Allbones - Studio Manager
Studio 11 Architecture

Efficient and Friendly Training Delivery

Keeping HR Simple have looked after us now for some time but recently we have undertaken some of their management training. We found the experience to be extremely relevant to our business needs and the delivery, as usual, was efficient and friendly. We are able to integrate the outcomes into our current processes to continue to improve performance. Always difficult to find time for training, but so important to our growing business. Thank

Sylvia Newman
Sylvia Newman Garden Design

Understanding what motivates us

Katherine came into see me and the team after we had completed our online questionnaires. Katherine really helped us understand what motivates us individually and each other. Off the back of doing Motivational Maps we have already started putting in place training programs for everyone in the office, as our highest team motivator is Expert. I would really recommend this process to any business owner or manager who is looking to get the best out of not only their team, but themselves

Karl Newman
Direct Peak