Where have all the good men (and women) gone?

Oct 7, 2021 | Blog, HR

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Struggling to recruit then?

Based on the conversations I’ve been having just recently, you’re far from alone. It seems like madness, doesn’t it? So many redundancies in the last 18 months.. so many people on furlough.. what’s being called “The Great Resignation” making the headlines. 

So where are all the good people hiding then?

I wanted to share some ideas about recruiting that you might find useful. 

In no particular order then:Staff referral scheme – if you don’t already have one in place, it’s worth considering. This is where you offer a sum of money as a “thank you” to an existing member of your team for introducing a new employee. If you go this route, I’d advise paying in two instalments – one when the person joins and the other after successful probation. It can be a great incentive

  • for your team to introduce someone they know (not to mention a cost-effective option for you!);
  • Onboarding bonuses – some businesses are starting to introduce an onboarding bonus, otherwise known as a golden hello! Again, if you were going to go this route, I’d recommend some terms and conditions and making sure that you’re paying a sum perhaps on joining and the remainder after probation;
  • Flexibility – this is a biggie. If you can offer flexibility in hours or location of work or both, it’s definitely something to highlight in your job adverts! Many people are looking for options around working school hours for example or taking advantage of hybrid working where they work from home a couple of days and in the office on other days;
  • Increasing pay – unsubtle but undoubtedly effective!
  • Increasing benefits – I hate to say it but I see so many job adverts pronouncing proudly that the business offers 20 days’ holiday plus Bank Holidays and an auto-enrolment pension scheme. Everybody knows that those are legal requirements and can hardly be sold as benefits! I’d really advise that you look carefully at what benefits you currently offer and if you can enhance them in any way to help you to be more competitive in the market for the best candidates;
  • Process – what recruitment process are you using? Is it consistent? Is it designed to help or hinder someone joining your business?

Need my help?

I confess. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to recruiting. I think a lot of recruitment stands and falls on the process you use – getting the job description right, writing the most attractive advert you possibly can.. etc etc.

I’d love to help you review what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


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